Disc Replacement or Fusion in Cervical Disc Surgery?

The vast majority of persons with cervical disc disease discomfort (more than 90%) will get well on their own with modest, conservative treatments over time. Cervical Disc Surgery, on the other hand, may be helpful if other therapies fail or if your symptoms deteriorate to the point where you lose strength in your arms and […]

Coronavirus रोग बाबतच्या कल्पना (COVID-19)

कोविड –19 विषाणू गरम आणि दमट हवामान असलेल्या भागात संक्रमित होऊ शकतो आतापर्यंतच्या पुराव्यांवरून, कोविड -19विषाणू गरम आणि दमट हवामान असलेल्या क्षेत्रासह सर्व क्षेत्रात संक्रमित होऊ शकतो. कोविड-19 पासून स्वतःचे रक्षण करण्याचा उत्तम मार्ग म्हणजे वारंवार हात स्वच्छ करणे. असे केल्याने आपण आपल्या हातात असलेले व्हायरस काढून टाकू शकता आणि नंतर आपले डोळे, तोंड आणि […]

Symptoms,Causes of Spinal Stenosis

Symptoms of  Spinal Stenosis? Spinal stenosis in the lumbar spine typically causes Numbness, Tingling, Burning weakness in the lower extremities. Spinal stenosis in the cervical spine may result in pressure on the nerves causing pain to the upper extremities, pressure on the spinal cord resulting in possible spinal damage. Back pain Symptoms of this spinal […]

Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19

Neck Pain Causes

Neck pain is very common. 80% of the population will experience neck pain. To completely know neck pain, we must know the disparity between real neck pain and arm or upper limb pain. Neck pain is usually considered to be pain which stays in the neck while arm or upper extremity pain is pain which travels […]

Lower Back Pain Causes

Lower Back Pain Causes Lower back pain, a condition treated by Dr. Rahul D Chaudhari. 80% of the population will experience lower back pain. One in seven new patient visits to a doctor is related to lower back pain. It is second only to the flu as being responsible for absence from work. In order to […]

पाठदुखी? हे लंबर हर्निटेड डिस्कमुळे होऊ शकते!

जेव्हा आपण आरामात,बसलेलो असतो आणि उभे राहण्याचा प्रयत्न करीत असतो तेव्हा अपेक्षा करता तेव्हा एक तीव्र वेदना खालच्या मागील बाजूस पसरते हे स्लिप किंवा हर्निटेड डिस्कमुळे असू शकते. लंबर हर्निएटेड डिस्क ही एक व्यापक वैद्यकीय स्थिती आहे; 35 ते 50 वर्षे वयोगटातील बहुतेक लोकांना या स्थितीचा त्रास होतो. लंबर डिस्क प्रोलॅप्सची लक्षणे सामान्य लोकांना सायटिका […]

When Can a Doctor Treat Your Back Pain?

Nowaday’s maximum people will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. In maximum cases, the pain passes away over time. If your back pain is hard or doesn’t improve, you’ll require medical treatment. Here are answers to some basic issues on back pain and advice on when to seek help. Why Does […]

What is Minimally Invasive surgery and it’s benefits?

Keyhole surgery or minimally invasive spine surgery is an alternative procedure for regular open wound surgery done to treat various spinal disorders which include degenerative disc, scoliosis, herniated disc, and spinal stenosis, etc. In this method, Spine surgeons use specific instruments like specialized retractors to access the injured part of the spine through small incisions. […]

Benefits of Anterior Cervical Fusion Procedure

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) is a surgery to lift a herniated or degenerative disc in the neck. An incision is created in the throat region to enter and extract the disc. A graft is injected to fuse the bones above and below the disc. ACDF surgery may be an alternative if physical therapy […]