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Dr. Rahul Chaudhari - Spine Surgeon in Pune

Dr Rahul Chaudhari is the USA trained Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon in Pune. He completed his MBBS/MS from KEM Hospital, Mumbai. He had received advanced spine/scoliosis surgery training in America for 3 years. His expertise involves treating cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine disorders including degenerative spine conditions (slipped disc, sciatica, and spinal stenosis), fractures, tumours, and spinal deformities. He successfully treated many happy patients in his 17 years of journey as an Orthopedist.

He has worked as an associate of world-famous spine surgeons Dr.Dennis & Dr. Boachie. He has published many journals on spine surgery at national & international conferences.

His special areas of interest are neck and back disorders. Slipped disc, spine fracture, infections, and tumors. He is a certified disc replacement & minimally invasive spine surgeon in Pune.

Spine Surgeon in Pune

Dr. Rahul Chaudari

Spine surgery

Spine Surgery tries to treat patients suffering from chronic spinal disorders that can begin to permanent damage and prevent one from living a normal life.

The Minimally Invasive procedure is used to treat various spine difficulties such as :
1. Spine fractures within the old are done by adding bone cement into the vertebra (Kyphoplasty) under local anaesthesia, leading to great pain release and early mobilisation.
2. Spine damages like Scoliosis and Kyphosis are developed using segmental change with advanced instrumentation methods under neuro-monitoring.

Nowaday’s maximum people will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. In maximum cases, the pain passes away over time. If your back pain is hard or doesn’t improve, you’ll require medical treatment. Here are answers to some basic issues on back pain and advice on when to seek help.

Why Does My Back Hurt?

There are many reasons why your back can hurt, including muscle pain, disc pain, joint pain, or nerve pain. In maximum cases, these are not serious or dangerous. “There are some cases when pain can be an indication of more severe difficulty, such as a fracture, infection, or cancer concerning the spine,” said Dr. Rahul Chaudhari specializes in spine care. “Thankfully, these situations are very few and normally only affect people with specific risk factors.”

When Should I Consult a Doctor for Back Pain?

When your back first begins to hurt, try using an over-the-counter pain reliever and applying ice. you’ll get to take it simply for a small-time, but “It’s best to rest as active as possible, and to circumvent bed rest,” said Dr Rahul Chaudhari who is the best spine surgeon in Pune.

If you have severe pain take proper rest and prevent you from engaging in normal activities, you can also consult a spine surgeon in Pune. You ought to seek medical advice quickly if you have:
1. Fever connected with back pain
2. Back pain after trauma
3. Lack of bladder or bowel function
4. Deprivation of strength
5. Unexplained weight loss associated with back pain
Additionally, ever be more careful if you have specific risk factors for cancer, infection, or fractures that may influence the spine


Dr. Rahul Chaudhari - Spine Surgeon in Pune

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain, a condition treated byDr. Rahul D Chaudhari. 80% of the population will experience lower back pain.Read More »
Dr. Rahul Chaudhari - Spine Surgeon in Pune

Neck Pain

Neck pain is very common. 80% of the population will experience neck pain.To completely know neck painRead More »
Dr. Rahul Chaudhari - Spine Surgeon in Pune

Minimally Invasive Spine

Surgery of the spine can often be performed through either an open surgical approach or a minimally invasive approach.Read More »
Dr. Rahul Chaudhari - Spine Surgeon in Pune

Lumbar Discectomy Surgery

A Lumbar Endoscopic Discectomy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to remove a portion of the discRead More »
Dr. Rahul Chaudhari - Spine Surgeon in Pune

Spinal fractures

Spinal fractures are different than a broken arm or leg. A fracture or dislocation of a vertebra can cause bone fragments to pinch and damage the spinal nerves or spinal cord.Read More »
Dr. Rahul Chaudhari - Spine Surgeon in Pune

Infections of the Spine

Osteomyelitis, discitis, epidural abscess and meningitis all represent infections of the spine. Each refers to an infection of a different portion of the spine.Read More »
Dr. Rahul Chaudhari - Spine Surgeon in Pune

Spinal Stenosis Treatment

The term stenosis means narrowing of an opening. Spinal stenosis refers to a narrowing of the spinal canal or the neural foramen through which the nerves leave the spine.Read More »
Dr. Rahul Chaudhari - Spine Surgeon in Pune

Non-Operative Spine Injection

A spinal injection is given to help reduce pain and improve the function of the spine. The injection helps relieve pain by reducing inflammation.

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What is the completion rate of minimally invasive spine surgery?

The completion rate of minimally invasive spine surgery is 95%. Microdiscectomy is usually done on an associate degree patient basis. Typically, the patient can don’t have any limitations on their activity like a shot following the surgery, and also the success rate is ninety to ninety-fifth. Most back patients will never require surgery


How long will disc surgery take?

Disc surgery take 1 to two hours.LMD typically takes one to two hours. However, it should take longer if you have got connective tissue from previous surgeries or bound different factors. Your doctor can provide you with a rough planhowevermight not apprehend till the surgery is current. LMD may be an effective operation to alleviate leg pain from a disc hernia

What is a spine operation?

The basic plan is to fuse along 2 or a lot of vertebrae in order that they heal into unique, solid bone. this is often done to reduce painful motion or to revive stability to the spine. Spine surgery is sometimes counseled only your doctor will pinpoint the supply of your pain

Can you walk after back surgery?

While you’re still within the hospital later surgery, you will be inspired to walk once you’re ready. … By day four, back home, you ought to be walking for 5 full minutes, up to 6 times each day. Increase that to ten minutes, 3 or fourfold each day, by week 2, and up to fifteen minutes by week 3

Can your body expel a spinal fusion?

You might lose movement, howeverthat is rare. Pseudoarthrosis: typically the fusion does not work. when some months, your back pain might come. Donor bone graft difficulties like infection or tissue denial

What Our Patients Say

Chandrakant Desai

Dr. Chaudhari is one of the finest spine surgeons in Pune.

I was having acute pain in my left leg and left side of lower back for more than 3-4 months. I consulted many doctors and during course of my treatment I met Dr. Chaudhary sir.

He did the diagnosis correctly and explained is everything about the surgery needed. He performed the surgery with very good results. He also made sure about the follow up and post surgery support needed.

After the surgery I am feeling better and without complaints of pain in left leg till date.

Prashant Patil

Kapil chavhan

I had severe pain in my hip. Searched on Practo and came to the 7Orange hospital to consult Dr. Rahul Chaudhari. Gave proper advice and treatment of medicines. The staff is quick to respond to our query and polite. Well maintained hospital for all treatments.

Kapil Chauhan

Ashish Sarode

Perfect and to the point solution to my problem. Confidence in the analysis and plan of treatment. The best spine surgeon in Pune.

Ashish Sarode

Verified Patient

Patient Nikhil Bharambe was admitted for the Left hip screw removal of Femur bone under Dr. Rahul Chaudhari. Recvd good service from hospital and nursing staff. From admission to discharge overall experience was satisfactory.

Disha Patil

Verified Patient

Hospital is very good for facilities that are required to a patient during his course of treatment at the 7orange hospital. Dr. Rahul Chaudhari is very good. Provides proper advice to patients for their treatment of joint location.

Anish Chouhan

Masihuddin Shah

When my mother Mrs. Amina Khatun has diagnosed with C 5-6 Disc herniation with cord compression with Myelopathy, She was admitted in 7 Orange hospital under Dr. Rahul Chaudhari. She was operated on cervical discectomy, C5 Capectomy, Interbody cage, C4-6 plating successfully. Good facilities provided by hospital staff.

Masihuddin Shah

Mrs. Vaishali Yevale

7 orange Hospital is good with well efficient staff, polite and with helping nature. My cousin was admitted here for PIVD at the L4-L5 level with nerve root compression, decompression with Discectomy. He was having pain in the right lumbar region, pain in the right leg with a tingling sensation. Dr. Rahul Chaudhari had done his surgery successfully.

Mrs. Vaishali Yevale

What our Patients Says